B-Attitudes offers a service to individuals of all ages, cultures and socioeconomic status who are committed to achieving an enduring drug-free/addiction free life. 

These are confidential services accessed by appointment via email or personal letter if for prison program to:
B-Attitudes Inc
PO Box 260
Wembley 6913

B-Attitudes is a flexible service, with limited places, and offers:

  • One to one Prison Recovery program (limited numbers) with offer of Urban Recovery Program upon release within the community (NON-RESIDENTIAL) – Individuals interested write a handwritten letter to B-Attitudes requesting assessment for program. There is a waiting list.
  • Limited non-residential community-based recovery service for individuals of all ages, all cultures and socioeconomic status, living in their own home  – email, text or ring to enquire (see contact us).
  • A caring therapeutic relationship at the time of need.
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy one to one (groups possible in the community according to demand).
  • Resources to address parenting, relationships, maternal and child health and counselling.
  • Home visits/person visits/hospital visits/community location visits/prison visits.
  • Community/workplace talks/psychotherapeutic recovery group facilitation.
  • Prayer is available on request.