Letter from: Georgia (name changed for confidentiality)

...... I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to B-Attitudes. ... I feel kinda cleansed of many issues ... Thank you for your time, knowledge shared, and positive strokes. I’m starting to believe that I really am OK and life is OK. B-Attitudes is a true blessing, and I’m sure every time you help someone get that ‘Ah-ha’ moment the Lord smiles. God bless!

March 08: Name supplied (was on methamphetamine and alcoholic)......

I’m drug and alcohol free, speaking to ......... (B-Attitudes) has helped so much. I wanted to stop the circle of using but was at a loss of where to start. But now I am confident and reliable to myself and others in my life.

January 08: Name supplied

Life before described as ‘terrible’ – life today described as ‘brilliant’....

B-Attitudes has definitely helped me in my recovery. Having the support and counsel of another human being who generally cares for me and has my best interest at heart has been a pleasure.

January 08: Name supplied

“Had a chronic drug addiction which affected my life severely”

....... I am not using drugs regularly, although they are available and my lifestyle has changed for the better ...... I do think B-Attitudes recovery work has made a difference with my feelings of self worth and spending time with nice caring people helps me a lot!

Ella (name changed for confidentiality)

I just want to thank the staff of B-Attitudes. I was a single mother and they helped me find myself. With all the support and information they input into me, they made me feel I was worthwhile and that I had a purpose in this life.

The Co-dependency group was such an eye-opener for me -things made sense about my past and helped me to realise that I could help myself. All the time they continued to encourage and not at any time did they judge me for my mistakes along the way.

Meeting other people in the group helped me to realise I wasn't alone and I told my sisters about the group. They came along and that started the healing process within our family. I began to put into practice what I had learned with my own daughter and realised I could break the cycle and give my daughter the healthy start in life and not let history repeat itself.

I have built up the confidence to study and have now gained qualifications.

Along the way I was able to make right choices and met a beautiful loving and supportive man who is now my husband. I never thought my life would turn out this way. I believe you guys were the help I used to cry out for every night. May God bless you guys to help others.

From: Name supplied

I am writing this letter regarding one of the most kindest and non-judgemental helpful human beings that I have had the pleasure in meeting.

Andrew Jackson has been a tower of strength and support through my rehabilitation in recovering from an 8 - year opiate addiction. His gentle manner and wisdom have helped me stay clean. I have slipped a few times in the beginning, finding the world and life all a bit much. But, thanks to Andrew, who has come to the rescue, may I add I am not too trusting of humans - but with Andrew's help, I am now fully recovered from my drug addiction.

May I add, I have seen psychologists, cognitive behavioural therapist, but Andrew has been the only person successful in my recovery. His counselling is of the utmost effective, and thanks to Andrew I see a light at the end of my tumultuous journey (drugs).

I am now able to hold a job and the world Andrew shows me is not such a horrible place. He teaches me about choices, and I understand my impulsiveness .....
I owe much of my staying off drugs to him, his books, material and words of wisdom. He is a very understanding man, who sees what problems you are affected by and gently helps you recognize, accept and to become more responsible. I owe much to this man and he doesn't even charge a fee..... I am a recovered drug addict, but still have a few issues to deal with. The journey has been long and hard but not so dark any more.

Thankyou for Andrew Jackson and his wonderful team.

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