Mobile Office

Mobility has always been part of B-Attitudes service, realising early on that  meeting the clients where they are – home, cafes, university etc. - has optimised engagement.  The recovery team have used their own vehicles for this purpose.  In the middle of 2007, B-Attitudes were donated a second-hand car and although the car was old and needed almost as much oil as petrol (!) it was reliable, economical,  and  a blessing in providing a vehicle to relieve the wear and tear on private vehicles. Inevitably the first donated car ceased running in 2009.  However in 2010 B-Attitudes were again blessed with the donation of another second-hand car!

Early in February 2008, B-Attitudes were delighted to be able to take delivery of a new VW Multivan Highline people mover to enhance the service. (See pictures).  Thanks to a grant from Lotterywest towards the purchase and B-Attitudes Gift Fund donations, the vehicle finally arrived to provide an air conditioned mobile office base for resources and a venue to meet clients, having the versatility to convert into a conference setting with a central round table.

The vehicle has automatic opening sliding doors both sides as well as privacy blinds and tinted windows.  The vehicle is unmarked except for its number plate for discretion, although for special events signage may be displayed.  It is proving very useful during winter months, when meeting in outdoor settings can be prohibited due to rain, and gives flexibility of venue for team and client meetings, and opens up new possibilities.

Funding is being sought to train new recovery facilitators and develop team work, for which the vehicle will be useful as a people mover for 7.






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